WWII Museum is a Great Way to Spend Memorial Day – Mike Varga

29.05.2017 NEW ORLEANS, LA — On Memorial Day, one way to honor our soldiers and veterans is to take a few hours and visit the National WWII museum, here in New Orleans. It’s a tremendous museum, well worth the visit. The exhibits are expressive, and help us to understand the service and sacrifices of the individual soldiers, sailors, airmen, as well as the women at war and at home during that time. The World War II focus lets us understand the sacrifices made to help the free peoples of the world win over fascist dictators that were hell-bent on ruling the … Continue reading WWII Museum is a Great Way to Spend Memorial Day – Mike Varga

Celebrating the American Saloon – Randy Coppersmith

29.05.2017 MIDDLEBURG, VA — I’ve really been trying hard to come up with something for Memorial Day. I mean, I know it’s an important National holiday. And I am a patriotic guy. But I’m struggling. I think we’ve all had plenty of Pentagon-sponsored PR blasted at us about how great Veterans are to America. And I agree, their sacrifices are a major reason we enjoy the freedom we do in America today. No question, Veterans are great. And Decoration Day, as Memorial Day used to be called, is an important reminder of their great sacrifices. From the Civil War to present … Continue reading Celebrating the American Saloon – Randy Coppersmith

Firing Comey: A Part of Trump’s Agenda – Randy Coppersmith

15.05.2017 WASHINGTON, DC — A lot of folks here are not fans of former FBI Director James Comey, who was summarily fired by President Trump. So, despite the political theater, politicians from both side of the aisle are not unhappy that Comey is gone. Apparently Comey learned about the firing from TV reports while visiting the FBI field office in Los Angeles, which is unfortunate. At least some style and grace could have been used to inform the long-suffering Comey of his fate. Or, as one wag put it, people got the axe on “The Apprentice,” Trump’s NBC reality-based TV show, … Continue reading Firing Comey: A Part of Trump’s Agenda – Randy Coppersmith

Sub-60s Rounds – Dennis Richardson

17.05.2017  ORLANDO, FL – One look at Jim Furyk’s golf swing and you’re thinking, “No way is this guy a PGA Tour record holder.”As golf commentator David Feherty famously described the swing, “It looks like an octopus falling out of a tree.”Yet, here Furyk stands, owner of the lowest round in PGA Tour history – 58 – and the only man who twice has broken 60 in Tour-sanctioned events.”There’s a lot of rounds by a lot of great players ahead of me that have never reached 58, so to hold that record alone right now, on the PGA Tour at least … Continue reading Sub-60s Rounds – Dennis Richardson

The Other Side of the Wall – Sarah Spicehandler

10.05.2017  NEW YORK — Recently I was talking to my good friend’s daughter on the phone. As we were catching up, she was telling me that many of her friends were getting married and some even had kids now. She sounded perfectly happy, as she is a busy gal in medical school right now.But she was also lamenting a bit over the idea of feeling hopelessly single.I encouraged her by offering the usual older-person advice like, think positively, have confidence, and be yourself. I smiled remembering how that felt as a young woman to watch your friends get married one by one, wondering … Continue reading The Other Side of the Wall – Sarah Spicehandler

Traveling the Airbnb Way – Garrett Foster

04.05.2017 FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — You’re planning a trip. You can stay anywhere. But of course you want it to be somewhere special … somewhere that will make it feel like no other vacation. You can choose a hotel – but even the nicest hotels can feel a bit sterile. My suggestion is to travel like the natives and stay somewhere you find on Airbnb. I know what you might be thinking, especially if you have never used Airbnb before: “I wouldn’t feel comfortable staying in someone else’s home.” “I’ve heard horror stories about Airbnb rentals not being at all … Continue reading Traveling the Airbnb Way – Garrett Foster

Six-for-Six for No. 6 – Randy Coppersmith

05.05.2017 WASHINGTON, DC — Michael Jordan, the basketball great, once described “The Zone” as a place where the basketball hoop looked three feet wide. Tiger Woods said being in “The Zone” was the greatest feeling there was. “It’s like you can do no wrong. It’s a great feeling.” Ted Williams, the late, great baseball-hitting genius of the Boston Red Sox, said being in “The Zone” felt like the baseball was the size of a softball. “It’s a moment when you feel like you can do anything. Hit anything.” The Zone.  It’s that sudden moment — maybe it lasts a few seconds, … Continue reading Six-for-Six for No. 6 – Randy Coppersmith