Haircut – Randy Coppersmith

28.03.2017 MIDDLEBURG, VA — Change is hard. The same woman, Maria Palacios, has been cutting my hair since 2004 at a joint in Leesburg, VA, called Salon Cielo. For nearly 13 years, she has done a great job. She is congenial and efficient. I’ve learned Maria’s life’s story over the years, sitting in the chair as she clips away. Her family, her relocation from Michigan to New Jersey to Virginia; the trials and tribulations of dating her boyfriend, whom she eventually agreed to live with, etc. Recently Maria and her beau had their first child, a daughter, which has been a … Continue reading Haircut – Randy Coppersmith

Hayseeds Rule – Randy Coppersmith

15.03.2016 Middleburg, VA — In his most famous and celebrated painting, View of the World from 9th Avenue, artist Saul Steinberg captured, as one wag said, a New Yorker’s provincialism. Published on the cover of its March 29, 1976 issue of The New Yorker magazine, Steinberg’s art caught the fancy and imagination of people around the world. Over the years, the magazine published more than 1,200 drawings and paintings by Steinberg, many with variations on his 1976 classic “View of the World.” That original cover art suggested that Manhattanites see the rest of America only in vague outlines, and see … Continue reading Hayseeds Rule – Randy Coppersmith

Everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day – Randy Coppersmith

16.03.2017 In his address to Congress, the president said: “I earnestly recommend to the congress that in the exercise of its wise discretion it should take into consideration the coming to this country of anarchists or persons professing principles hostile to all government…. They and those like them should be kept out of this country; and if found here they should be promptly deported to the country whence they came.” The president wasn’t Donald Trump. And the address wasn’t two weeks ago. Rather, President Theodore Roosevelt made his remarks in a speech before Congress on Dec. 3, 1901. As Mr. Trump’s … Continue reading Everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day – Randy Coppersmith

Opening Day: ‘Christmas’ Has Arrived for Baseball Fans – Dennis Richardson

16.03.2017 ORLANDO, FL – Once, when former baseball great Pete Rose was asked what Opening Day of the major-league baseball season is like, he replied, “It’s like Christmas, except it’s warmer.” Well, baseball lovers, it’s time to open those presents because “Christmas” arrives Sunday, April 2, when three games kick off the 2017 season: New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Rays, San Francisco Giants at Arizona Diamondbacks, and the World Champion Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals. Opening Day is special for baseball fans, because all things are possible for their team. All clubs start even and fans of the less … Continue reading Opening Day: ‘Christmas’ Has Arrived for Baseball Fans – Dennis Richardson

Connecting the Dots – Randy Coppersmith

05.03.2017 WASHINGTON — Raising the debt ceiling and approving yet another Continuing Budget Resolution seems inevitable according to multiple sources in the press and on Capitol Hill. The dull reality of legislative bickering continues to cause expensive programs throughout the Federal Government to go unfunded — and this malaise is costing us billions.   Despite promises to “drain the swamp” and overwhelming Republican majorities in both houses of Congress, it seems Speaker Ryan and Majority Leader McConnell can’t get their act together to put a budget together   And the White House, which is badly understaffed, isn’t helping much.   … Continue reading Connecting the Dots – Randy Coppersmith