A Few Words on Father’s Day – Sarah Spicehandler

 06.2017 NEW YORK — NEW YORK — Six years ago I wrote the poem below to my husband for Father’s Day: On Being a Father Being a father has its joys Like watching your child open new toys Or listening to their happy noise And really relishing that they are boys Being a father has its woes Like tending to a few stubbed toes Or trying to dress them in a hurry And all the while saying “don’t worry” Being a father is a state of mind Like going out of your way to be kind Or showing tough love no matter … Continue reading A Few Words on Father’s Day – Sarah Spicehandler

Visiting the White House – Randy Coppersmith

01.06.2017 WASHINGTON, DC — I have had the privilege of going to the White House on six different occasions. Ranging from Presidents Nixon through Trump, I’ve seen the White House in summer and winter, hot and cold, with occupants who were both Republicans and Democrats. In good times and bad, I’ve stood on the North Portico and marveled at the splendor of “The People’s House.” But no matter how many times I’ve been there, it never gets old. Today the Trumps seem to have the place looking as clean and polished as ever. The grounds look great. The National Park Service … Continue reading Visiting the White House – Randy Coppersmith

Tools of the Trade – Randy Coppersmith

12.06.2017 MIDDLEBURG, VA — Painters stare at their brushes. Architects ponder their drawing boards. Engineers contemplate their slide rules. Mathematicians punch their calculators, and doctors fiddle with their stethoscopes. And, writers stare at their keyboards. Let’s face it; to be a professional you need tools of the trade. Good tools. For writers, the deadline is always there — either you’re producing copy, or you’re not — it’s as simple as that. And you need a device to help you generate that copy. To be fair, longhand works. Plenty of writers have used long, yellow legal pads and a good sturdy fountain … Continue reading Tools of the Trade – Randy Coppersmith

Connecting the (Russian) Dots – Randy Coppersmith

25.06.2017  WASHINGTON — Things in the Middle East are escalating at a rather alarming rate, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Russians are in the middle of much of it. As we wrote in April (Connecting the Dots), one misstep and things could spin out of control.   The Pentagon is reported to be considering more aggressive rules of engagement in Afghanistan, such as allowing Americans to join Afghan forces on the battlefield and to call in offensive air strikes, as they have done recently in Iraq and Syria.   This would be a genuine change from the policy … Continue reading Connecting the (Russian) Dots – Randy Coppersmith

Dad’s Desk – Randy Coppersmith

16.06.2017 COLONIAL BEACH, VA — My maternal grandfather, Jack Zuckerman, had a lovely roll top desk. The old fashioned kind, with the solid curved top, which is heavy, and if you slip, can pinch your finger if you’re not careful. As a little kid, I would sit at my Grandpa Jack’s desk, and play with the various tools, pens and knick-knacks he would keep in the various drawers and compartments of the desk. I’m not sure of its history, but his wife and my grandmother, Hazel, once told me the desk came with the house they purchased in the 1920s outside … Continue reading Dad’s Desk – Randy Coppersmith

Who’s the Greatest? – Dennis Richardson

26.06.2017 ORLANDO, FL – Sports fans love a good argument/debate. We have an almost obsessive desire to know how our favorite team or player compares with others. Which player would you rather have on your team: Mike Trout or Bryce Harper? Which is the best NBA team of all time: the 1996 Chicago Bulls, the 1985 Los Angeles Lakers or the 2017 Golden State Warriors? Who is the greatest quarterback in NFL history: Peyton Manning, Johnny Unitas, Tom Brady, Otto Graham, Joe Montana, or Brett Favre? Which college basketball program was the more dominant: the UCLA men’s team that won 88 … Continue reading Who’s the Greatest? – Dennis Richardson

Good Enough? – Bill Bellows

16.06.2017 Lincoln, VA — Am I good enough? Isn’t that a question we all sometimes ask? Am I a good enough dad? Am I a good enough husband? Am I a good enough brother, uncle, mentor, boss, employee… Good enough. The test is usually personal, held up to some standard we set for ourselves against a mythical ideal formed by a combination of our own real life experiences, observing others, the media we consume and what people say, “Now that guy is a great (fill in the blank).” One of the “Good enough” questions men sometimes ask ourselves — usually when … Continue reading Good Enough? – Bill Bellows