Save the Blunnies – Randy Coppersmith

23.02.2017 WASHINGTON — Everybody has a favorite pair of shoes. Broken in just right. With the correct amount of wear and tear that makes them comfy, stylish but also reliable. No matter what the occasion, dress clothes or jeans, you can always grab a pair, put them on, and off you go. No muss, no fuss. Like an old friend, they’re always there for you. For me, my Blunnies fit the bill. Don’t know what they are? They are simply sublime. Blundstones, made in Hobart, Tazmania, in Australia have taken on something of a cult status with many folks around … Continue reading Save the Blunnies – Randy Coppersmith

Will the Nationals Trade for ChiSox Robertson – Randy Coppersmith

23.02.2017 WASHINGTON — In baseball, the old axiom that “too many players competing for the same starting position can sometimes spoil team chemistry” is often true. Tension can get a little too high, and morale can suffer, especially this early in Spring Training, as players compete for starting jobs. That said, there are too many catchers on the Nationals’ roster at the moment. So, to relieve the logjam of talented backstops, it’s likely the Washington Nationals are in the throes of making a trade, perhaps for the Chicago White Sox Relief Pitcher/Closer David Robertson. On Tuesday, the Nationals signed former … Continue reading Will the Nationals Trade for ChiSox Robertson – Randy Coppersmith

A Simple Elegant Ritual – Randy Coppersmith

06.02.2017 SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CA — High up in the Sierra Mountains, beside a great, deep, quiet Lake Tahoe, we traveled this week to celebrate my sister-in-law Katy’s wedding to her long-time friend and companion, Bill Stevens. They were married on a Monday with the snow and sleet swirling in the winter air. Members of the immediate family from both sides of the aisle were there to witness the nuptials. Bill’s younger brother Brian was best man. Kate’s sister Elizabeth was her maiden of honor. Afterwards, reviewing the events of the weekend, one can’t help but think about the small but … Continue reading A Simple Elegant Ritual – Randy Coppersmith

Are They Socialists – Randy Coppersmith

03.02.2017 TAMPA — Hard right conservatives have been delighted that we have now replaced that “Socialist” President Obama” with our new “Capitalist” President Trump. Now, Speaker Paul Ryan, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Trump are talking about cutting back healthcare benefits, and increasing defense spending. Repeal and Replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and increase the Pentagon budget. That’s the latest mantra. More for guns, less for butter. Republicans won the 2016 election. They’re now in charge. So, what’s their plan to contain spiraling medical entitlement costs? Will the Trumpers get the doctors and drug companies to reduce their hyper-inflationary … Continue reading Are They Socialists – Randy Coppersmith

Can We Still Afford to “Pay Any Price?” – Randy Coppersmith

01.02.2017 Since the new administration is in the process of rethinking America’s Foreign Policy, here’s an idea that would roll back not one, but the two previous administration’s expensive undertakings — bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan. The argument in Washington since 9/11 is that by taking the war to the bad guys, on their own turf, we have deflected Islamic Terrorism from coming to our shores. Whether you agree or disagree with the premise, we all can agree that it has been very expensive. Mr. Trump has been vocal on the “costly, costly wars” and his views … Continue reading Can We Still Afford to “Pay Any Price?” – Randy Coppersmith